Do you want a World Class Social Media Keynote speaker at your event?

AURACOOL is a highly renowned Social Media Speaker and has presented at notable events most recently the Social Media conference at Ladi Kwali Hall, Abuja. He is a Social media guru, pioneer and mentor and has worked with a lot of celebrities, corporate organisations and SME'S in Nigeria.

Social Media is rapidly changing the way businesses is done online. It's all about the Two way communication between the buyer and the seller. Are you ready to learn how social media work for business or organisation?

Auracool is a professional speaker and works with many organisations to create customized presentations tailored to suit the need of the audience.

Popular topics include

  • Social Media for the Nigerian Business
  • 6 Deadly Mistakes Nigerian companies make on social Media (How to avoid it)
  • Leveraging the Power of Twitter for Business Growth
  • ROI measurement of Social Media
  • Using Social Media as Personal Branding Tool
  • Social Media as a Voice of the Nation.
  • Empowering Nigerian Women through Social media
  • A better Nigeria through Conscious Social Media Efforts.
  • Unlocking the full Digital Marketing potentials of Facebook
  • The Ever Changing Consumer Landscape of Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing in Nigeria: How your business can win
  • The Role of Influencers in Digital Marketing.
  • Building a Result oriented Social Media Plan for your business
  • Digital Marketing in a Digitally Conscious Era.
  • Ensuring that the Kids stay safe online.
  • Twitter as a tool for Branding


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