HotTalk with @Blecyn1 is a Thursday Night Social Media Topical on Twitter. It is an expoze of all sorts pertinent socio-cultural and economic issues that pertain to the lives of youths in Nigeria. It has been a hit since launch late last year and has featured quite a number of high profile individuals across various industries and niches.

Ever since internet started penetrating mainstream Nigeria, staying safe online has become a pertinent issue. What makes it an even more critical issue is that the rate of cyber crimes has more than doubled in recent years, people have gotten killed over online crush saga, companies have lost sensitive information due to unathorized leaks. These and more has made it imperative for online users to understand how they can safe guard their activities and protect themselves better not just on social media but everywhere they leave their digital footprint online.


The 30th edition of Hot Talk with Blecyn will feature Social Media Marketing icon, AURACOOL on the hot seat, discussing the topic ‘ Staying safe online’ . The chat will explore the following

  1. The meaning of a Strong password
  2. Meaning of Phishing, Spam, cookies
  3. How to protect your kids online
  4. Safe guarding your data online
  5. Nigerian attitude to Online safety
  6. Online safety resources and get help options
  7. What you should and should not be doing online
  8. How to avoid malicious websites
  9. Understanding the concept of link baiting
  10. Bloggers or spammers : The Nigerian Perspective

There is no reason not to take part in this important discussion. There is a lot you can learn that will help you stay safe online and avoid unscrupulous elements trolling the world wide web.

The chat promises to be a night of interesting conversation. So go follow @TWEETORACLE, @Blecynand @HotTalkwithBlecyn.

See you there on Thursday Night !