Social Media Debate : #9JAVERSUSFRIDAY

Social Media debates are often taken as a thing of joke and for the less busy but it is a useful way of exchanging ideas and thoughts and comparing that with those of other people. In the Nigerian Social Media scene, Friday nights are often busy nights when people unwind after the week’s work. A lot of people are on their phones turning up online to keep abreast of what they might have missed out on during the week. Setting up an online debate is a good way to engage people online and provide quality entertainment.

Social Media Marketing heavy weights, AURACOOL & Demola Expoze of Expoze media will be the co-anchors for the Maiden Edition of #9JAVERSUSFRIDAY. The feature is a 1 and half hour Twitter based event across Nigerian Timelines every friday by 7:30pm. The show is a comparison of 2 great brands highlighting notable arguments on which  should be considered greater if not better.


The Maiden Edition of the event will take on Friday, 6th January, 2017 by 7;30pm and will feature the  Epic Battle between FC Barcelona soccer star, Lionel Andres Messi and his Real Madrid counterpart , Cristiano Ronaldo. It promises to be a thrilling debate as the two Social Media icons go head to head fully deconstructing their strengths and weaknesses.

So are you a fan of either Messi or Ronaldo? It doesn’t even matter, even neutrals are expected to join the conversation and share their opinions on who they believe is greater and why they think so.


The show will kick off with the 2 influencers arguing along the following lines

  1. Soccer Style
  2. Personal Life
  3. Club Achievements
  4. National Team Achievements
  5. Ballon D’or Achievements
  6. Current Playing Status
  7. Penalty scoring ratios
  8. Aerial Ability
  9. Dribbling ability
  10. Goal Sense
  11. Team Impact
  12. Speed and Agility
  13. Technical Brilliance

It promises to be an evening of intelligent conversations and debate. So go follow @TweetOracle and @DemolaExpoze on Twitter and don’t forget to use the hashtag #9jaVersusFriday when you Tune in at 7:30pm.Don’t skip a beat.