Social Media Marketing is not as easy as you think. Yes ! You can open a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts but actually attracting and engaging your ideal audience in such a way to achieve your business goals is very challenging.

We help our clients understand the critical role that social Media plays in building their brand online. Beyond creating awareness for products and services, we help clients to engage and convert fans into actual paying customers.

What Social Media can do for your business :

Make you an Authority in your industry

Your business gets trusted by loyal followers as an authentic source of information. People are more likely to do business with you if they like and trust you. This is what social media quite frankly helps you to achieve.

Social proof means more business for you

The More followers you have, the more you are perceived as a Genuine Likable brand. More people are likely to do business with an account with 500,000 followers than one with 50 followers.

Send targeted traffic to your website

With a valid strategy, Social Media can be used as a very powerful tool to drive high quality traffic to your website. From a business perspective, this makes sense. High traffic drives sales.

What can you expect ?

Definition of Objectives : To properly assess the impact of social media marketing, we have to first of all delineate objectives and goals that your business intends to achieve using social media. This will be the frame work for the strategies that we will employ.

Competitive Analysis : We will identify the top players in your industry and analyse what they are doing right and what they are not. This will give a good indication of what your business can do to maintain that competitive edge

Target Audience Analysis : Before suggesting strategies, we will fully analyse your target audience with a view to understanding their online behaviour. This research is critical for success and we like to take time to do this research.

Social Media Strategy & Content Planning : Once we have identified your audience characteristics, we develop tailored content to attract and engage them. We also develop a Content calendar and posting schedule for easy tracking of your updates.

Reporting : We will provide regular and periodic reporting to ensure alignment to set goals and objectives. We put in place measure to allow for experimenting with variables that impact your business.

Are you ready to Discuss Social Media for your business?