Content Marketing: Telling Your Brand Story with Social Media

Telling your brand story with social media

The fact is, telling a compelling story about your business or brand on social media is rather difficult. Social media posts with, their character limits aren’t best for expressing brand promises, values, and philosophies with any real detail or emotional impact. This is why many entrepreneurs supplement their social media strategies with a content marketing approach as a method inclusive of long form content. The major social media platforms know that this issue exists, and have taken strides to include content formats which are most beneficial for telling awesome and effective brand stories. This article will show you how to use storytelling across the major social platforms.

Facebook’s Instant Articles

Facebook’s on the spot articles is a mobile publishing format for long-form articles. It allows news publishers to distribute articles to the social community that uploads and displays 10 times quicker than the standard mobile web.

The awesome thing about instant articles is that publishers manage in entirety the articles they put up, which can also run on the writer’s very own site without trouble. In essence, publishers can use fb instant articles as an opportunity or platform to provide an awesome brand experience for his or her readers coming from Facebook.

Twitter Moments

The best way to describe twitter moments is “magazines constituted of tweets.” they’re curated stories showcasing important activities or stories on twitter. You can assemble any type of tweets you want, whether text, photo, video or gif.

It isn’t limited to just your tweets. You could also upload tweets from any profile page, permitting you to share a properly-rounded story from more than one angles and views.

It doesn’t stop at creating moments, you can also follow moments. If you decide to follow a moment, any extra tweets or remarks related to that moment will show up on your timeline. This will allow content creators to tell an ongoing story that the audience can receive updates about.

LinkedIn Pulse articles

Since 2014, LinkedIn users have had the ability to submit both posts and articles with pulse integration coming soon after. With pulse, LinkedIn received an effective information aggregator that has earned contributions from the likes of Arianna Huffington and bill gates. When you open post an article on your LinkedIn personal page, it instantly will become a part of the Pulse content distribution community, potentially reaching loads of recent readers.

Facebook instant articles and LinkedIn pulse articles are similar, in that they offer a method of sharing long form content to followers while not having to leave the app. Those articles can then be shared and interacted with like organic posts. In every case, the concept is to provide users an improved experience when engaging with this type of content, which is said to enhance reach and engagement.

Despite the fact that twitter moments are not optimized for long form content, both twitter moments and LinkedIn pulse articles content types offer the user an additional distribution channel for his or her content, appearing on audiences feed that aren’t necessarily following your profiles.

In the end, telling a meaningful and compelling brand story will involve the use of a mixture of different type of content across different social media platforms. You’ll find out that finding exciting and creative approaches to make use of those content material types is the actual challenge.