Hi ! My name is Paul Ezeudoh but a lot of people know me online by my Digital signature ‘AURACOOL’. The Term is a phonetic alternative for the word ORACLE, noted for being a medium of learning and consultation which examplifies what i do on social media.

I have 2 Engineering Degrees. An undergraduate Chemical Engineering degree from Federal University Owerri and an Msc in Oil and Gas Engineering from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

My passion for Digital Marketing started in 2008 when i returned back to Nigeria from the Masters course i attended in the United Kingdom. I started using social media for fun like every other person but soon started catching the attention of a lot of Nigerian celebrities because of the unique style of my updates.

Working with the celebrities soon boosted my online presence significantly and in no time, a lot of corporate organisations started approaching me for promotional activities You can read my full story here.

Over the years i have acquired skills and expertise in other areas of Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click Advertising, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Blogging, Reputation Management and a wealth of expertise boosting of more than 150 successfully completed social media campaigns.

I have Google Adwords and Analytics Certifications. I also have Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification as well as 3 Social Media Certifications from the United States of America.

My unique ability to deconstruct and uncover actionable insights, reach tailored audience using social media and utilize Data in building Digital Marketing strategies makes me the perfect partner you need to reach your business goals online.

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