9javersusfriday : Jose Mourinho Vs Pep Guardiola

Debates on social media are more or less a cliché these days. This is so because intelligent arguments are hard to come by. What is common are random conversations which are pretty much same of the same. It is again this back drop that we designed the friday nights debate 9JAVERSUSFRIDAY as a good way to get people entertained online as the weekend roll in.

Social Media Marketing heavy weights, AURACOOL & Demola Expoze of Expoze media will be the co-anchors for the Third Edition of 9JAVERSUSFRIDAY. The essence of the Twitter show is  to showcase a comparison of 2 great brands and compare arguments for both.

This edition will run for 2 hours given the heated nature of arguments for both sides feature is a 1 and half hour Twitter based event across Nigerian Timelines every friday by 7:30pm.


The  Third Edition of #9javersufriday will take on Friday, 10th March, 2017 by 7:30pm and will feature the never ending rivalry between Jose Mourinho, Manager at Manchester United FC and Josep Guardiola, Manager at Manchester City FC.

It will be a night to remember as we go head to head, with @TWEETORACLE rooting for Pep Guardiola and @DEMOLAEXPOZE rooting for Jose Mourinho. The show will explore the high and low points of the 2 greatest Managers in world football.


The show will kick off with the 2 influencers arguing along the following lines

  1. Coaching Style
  2. Personal Life and Travails
  3. Soccer Club Achievements
  4. Managerial abilities
  5. Football philosophy
  6. Ability to work under pressure
  7. Champions league pedigree
  8. Media Reach
  9. Crisis Resolution
  10. Team Impact
  11. Advertorial Appeal
  12. Technical Brilliance

It promises to be an intense 2 hours debate, don’t even dare miss this one. To participate  kindly follow @TWEETORACLE and @DEMOLAEXPOZE on Twitter and don’t forget to follow all the conversations with the hashtag #9JAVERSUSFRIDAY. We look forward to seeing you on friday 10th March,2017 by 7:30pm